Can a Christian
Have an Unclean Spirit?
The Book

This Section of the Website is About
Whether or Not a Christian Can Have a Demonic Spirit

This book is the result of twelve years of research and writing and presents an exhaustive study on this topic. For easier handling, it has been divided into three volumes which have been listed here. Just below are links to pages on this website which contain detailed descriptions about each, and further below are links to where they may be purchased.

Volume I begins the discussion by laying the foundations for the studies which follows. This means that we have to understand who and what Satan is, especially in comparison to the angels of God. We have to accurately depict his power, status, and ranking. According to the Bible, he is not, as some believe, a clawless, tooth-less lion; on the other hand, nor was he previously the third ruler of heaven, nor heaven's choir leader. In fact, the truth lays somewhere between these two extremes. So this volume presents an accurate assessment of his actual powers and limitations.

Volume II covers every conceivable argument against the thesis of this book, those based on Biblical passages, and those based on logic or reason. After that, the history of this question is traced to see how the church of centuries past handled this question.

Volume III covers the non-Biblical aspects of this question. For instance, there are also psychological, medical, and pharmacological aspects related to this topic, and these must be covered. Besides this, there are entire books written against the idea that s person's problems could be caused by an unclean spirit, so some of these books will be answered as well.

Where to Buy These Books on Demonology

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